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A life organizational tool for today; a resource for loved ones in the future

We help you get your life in order

  • GYA.io is designed to help users compile, securely store, and share critical information.

  • GYA.io creates an online, comprehensive package of everything families will need to settle one’s affairs.

  • We do not gather passwords, account numbers, or other highly confidential information.

  • Users opt to share their online archive of information and final wishes with select people.

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We take your privacy and the security of your data very seriously

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  • Fill in easy to use templates to gather information

  • Upload and safely store your critical documents

  • Update your information quickly and easily as things in your life change

  • Authorize secure access to your information now, later, or after you pass away

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User Feedback

“I love this! I’ve entered so much information already, and I love having it all in one place.”

“I really think that this is a fantastic product, both for people to keep track of things while they are alive and well, and then for their loved ones to have the information if they die or become incapacitated.”

“I can see this tool being a great way for adult children to broach the subject of planning with their parents.”

“I am not very savvy with technology, and I found it very easy to use, both setting up the account and putting in the information.”

“This was very well done. Easy to use. Easy to navigate.”